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KOOLNEE K1 as tough as it gets

Media reports Koolnee’s next model, expect for something completely new!

KOOLNEE has hinted one of its upcoming smartphones might be a little different to everything else currently on the market. While the details on this new phone are still nonexistent – not even the name has been confirmed yet – the company has now released the teaser shown above which clearly indicates design is going to play a major role with this new smartphone.

In particular, color seems likely to be one of the main points to focus on, though even that is something that remains open to interpretation right now. For example, while it is not uncommon for smartphones to be launched in variety of colors, KOOLNEE seems to be suggesting not only will color be in abundance with this latest smartphone, but the colors will not be traditional colors at all. With the company stating this phone will make use of “interesting color combinations” and offer “something completely new.” Those comments and the image above remain the extent to the available information at the moment with the company simply confirming more details will become available in due course. Based on the company’s most recent offerings, such as the KOOLNEE K1 Trio, aspects like a bezel-less design, fairly high level specs, and a competitive price, are very likely to be in effect.

One thing that is for sure is that it is not surprising KOOLNEE is looking to differentiate its upcoming device on the basis of design. This is something that has become prevalent of late with most manufacturers turning to the design as a way to help stand out from the rest of the crowd. As while specifications and features are important factors, the number of devices now available from different manufacturers, which offer an almost identical spec and feature list, has never been greater. Making design ever more paramount than ever and one of the factors that could prove to be the difference when it comes to a consumer choosing one device over another. On that note, if your buying preference is for unusual color combinations then it seems KOOLNEE’s upcoming phone might be one to keep an eye out for.


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